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Shantou Jiaxin Packing Materials Co. operates seven workshops, including our plate making workshop, mold pressing workshop, coating workshop, aluminum plating workshop, quality inspection and slitting workshop, and laminating and cutting workshop. These different sections all combine to create a complete production line. Our factory is also equipped with a fully-automatic multi-functional laminating machine, high speed automatic peeling trimmer, electric-eye tracking transverse cutting machine, high speed quality inspection machine, and more than 100 sets of highly reliable production equipment.

Coating workshop
We are equipped with several sets of multi-function coating machines, which can realize surface sizing, coloring, clear finishing varnishing, back-coating and so on. As the first procedure of the whole production line, the coating workshop is also a purification workshop, which can ensure the basic quality certification for our products and also help realize the functions of intelligent and automatic production.

Hot stamping foil mold pressing workshop

Computer holographic mold pressing machine
Presses the patterns of customers into the base film.

Hot stamping foil slitting workshop

High speed slitting machine
According to the different requirement of customers, hot stamping foil can be slit with different specifications.

Make up plate workshop
Install desired patterns on the die-head of machine and fix the PC plate on the framework of the machine. After setting data and starting the machine, the patterns will be precisely transferred into the PC plate based on the set data.

Film mold pressing workshop
Single plate positioning mold pressing machine, no plate joint mold pressing machine
With the help of mold pressing technology, the holographic patterns can be transfered into the resin of the base film with different looks such as plain surface, pillar light, holographic positioning and so on.

Film slitting workshop
Performs the process of film cutting and trimming and prepare for the next procedure of lamination with paper.

Aluminum plating workshop
High vacuum rolling coating machine
After the procedure of mold pressing, with the help of vacuum aluminum plating technology, holographic patterns look more colorful and beautiful in natural light.

Composite laminating workshop
This workshop is equipped with a SongDe wet laminating peeling back-coating glazing unit SFHS850, which has an advanced on-line monitoring system and automatic cutting functions. The unit is fully automated and helps to optimize production efficiency.

Finished workshop
Slitting paper roll into sheet and packaging.
Performs rewinding of paper roll and matches it with the size of the paper core.

Jiaxin features an advanced manufacturing line with complete production equipment and processes put in place. As for the production environment, we have a plate workshop, coating workshop, and mold pressing workshop. Each area of the production facility features an air purification system and maintain a constant temperature and humidity. We have independently researched and developed high speed multi-function laminating machine. The advanced technology is perfectly integrated into our production process, realizing synchronous production and inspection to guarantee the stability of the capacity and quality of our products. We manufacture all kinds of laminated holographic paper, heat transferred holographic paper, holographic paper, which has annual capacity of 40000tons. Additionally, we supply metallized polyester film, holographic film, transfer film, which have annual capacity of 250 million square meters.

In order to adapt to constant development trends of the packaging materials market, Jiaxin invested about 30 million RMB in 2016 to perform factory transformation and purchase the most advanced holographic positioning hot stamping foil production lines and build a holographic business division. Now, the holographic business division possesses several new coating manufacturing lines, high precise positioning mold pressing, no plate joint mold pressing machine, advanced vacuum aluminum plating machine, high speed rewinding splitting machine, and matching on-line and off-line inspection equipment. We have a superior team and advanced new equipment and complete inspection methods, which can provide strong certification for the production efficiency and quality of our products. Based on the present situation, annual capacity is up to 30 million square meters, which is good for the company's diversification development.

As one of the national new high-tech enterprises and engineering R&D center of Shantou city, Jiaxin dedicates time and resources to develop new anti-counterfeit environmental materials, new technology and new production processes. We actively listen to the demands of customers and improve the quality of products and provide satisfactory service. We have built good scientific research cooperation with Shantou University in order to continue a culture of innovation.

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